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Auto re-compiling/re-launching NodeTS setup

These are my steps that I’ve derived; if you have a better way, please let me know.

d: dev box, s: server box:

  1. s: install NodeJS (via NVM), and ‘screen’
  2. s: create an empty directory: /path/to/app.
  3. s: npm install -g nodemon typescript
  4. d: create server.ts with simple “hello world” code in your local folder
  5. d: rsync -avz -e ssh ./*
  6. s: screen -RAd; need 2 windows (A, B)
  7. screen A: tsc -w server.ts
  8. screen B: nodemon server.js
  9. d: develop on server.ts, and rsync as needed. the full directory will sync!

If there is interest I can make these steps more concrete. Interest?